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How to Heal When You Don't Feel Like Talking

For over a year now I’ve been integrating the tenants of energy psychology into my practice and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. Once my patients and I recognize that there are specific moments in their lives that continue to impact them negatively, we get to work on releasing the energy that was blocked at a particular moment in life. The release of this energy is achieved through activating the meridian network of the body, a system commonly discussed and accessed by practitioners with the use of needles. We certainly do not use needles, nor do I manually treat the meridian system of my patients myself. In my work, I mirror the appropriate areas that my patients themselves touch while repeating words and phrases based on their unique descriptions of traumatic events.

After repeating cycles of this energy work, my patients typically describe a sense of feeling further away from the pain of the traumatic events being addressed. At the same time, they remember details previously inaccessible and are able to engage in deeper healing and access a broader view of the events, sometimes eventually no longer experienced as traumatic. They notice tingling in different areas of the physical body as the blocked energy is released. I notice a softening of their emotional armor as they naturally become more comfortable in their skin and express themselves more authentically. This type of energetic work is a wonderful introduction to meditation, which can also produce similar results of meridian adjustment and energetic release when practiced regularly over time. When setting up the posture for energy psychology, I offer similar suggestions of posture and sitting options conducive to beginning and deepening meditative practices. As we move through the physical motions of meridian engagement, I mirror physical movements that are conducive to yogic positioning and conscious treatment of the body.

While my patients appreciate switching between talk therapy and meridian work, the option to focus entirely on energetic release remains for those wishing to experience the energetic shifting more swiftly and for those who are less interested in talking about themselves and their lives throughout the therapy session. The essence of talk therapy and meridian work is similar in that there is a search for the nuances within traumatic moments that leave a person emotionally stifled and in a cycle of unfortunate repetition. In talk therapy, the energetic movement of energy occurs through kind, compassionate discussion while the energetic movement in energy psychology occurs through physical touching of the meridian network (in addition to compassionate eye contact and verbal direction when needed). It is the merging of the unexplored nuances of one’s traumas with a trusted compassionate other that solidifies the benefits of both energy psychology and talk therapy.

If you’re not interested in the traditional talk therapy paradigm and would like to weave meditation and yoga into psychological healing, you can opt into energy psychology instead and experience psychological release through the use of the meridian system as you learn to meditate and practice yoga for the benefit of your own unique emotional health goals.

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